Cabling & Bracing

Cabling and bracing are 2 common forms of structural support for trees. This technique adds stability to trees with co-dominate tops. By installing flexible cables, this method reduces the chances of failure of defective unions. This approach also allows a weaker section of the tree to draw support from another preventing hazards potential of a tree in high winds or storm weathers.

Close Quarter Removal

This comes into play when a tree is in close proximity to your house or other property valuables (fence, drainage field, irrigation systems, etc.). A tree that falls into this category can’t be fallen to the ground and requires extreme competence and precision during removal. In order to avoid damage to surrounding valuables and generate safety to your neighborhood, we will vigilantly climb your tree, construct an 100% controllable setting and through a combination of roping techniques, zip lines and vertical speed lines will remove the limbs of the tree in a completely coordinated matter, putting you, our client, at ease.

Crown Reduction

A form of pruning where raising the crown on the outer canopy in order to obtain various objectives, such as allowing more sunlight (including indirect sunlight), allowing the tree to be more esthetically pleasing to the eye, and in some cases this form of pruning is beneficial to having a healthy tree by allowing separation between nearby trees or structures.

Hazardous Tree Removal

Regardless of whether your tree is damaged by severe weather, disease, construction or age, this is a scenario in which we come across on a daily basis and is our expertise. Dominant Tree Service can eliminate this recognizable threat quickly and proficiently without causing any additional stress or worry to you and your family.

*All tree removals include the removal of all brush, which are then chipped into find arborists chips. As well as an unparalleled meticulous cleanup of the work area.


Pruning your tree(s) is an essential part of their growth. We are experts in delicately pruning all types of hedges, fruit trees, flowering trees, and hardwoods. Knowing how to properly perform “pruning” techniques will enhance tree growth and reduce tree damage. Knowing how to correctly prune fruit/flower trees allows optimal fruit/flower growth and prevents serious damage to the tree’s structure, health and/or shape.


In order to maintain healthy trees and hedges, it is necessary to trim dead and diseased branches as they appear. This practice typically involves trees and/or hedges, which have formerly been pruned. This technique would consist of us trimming or reshaping the tree/hedge to your desired appeal.

Windsailing / Tree balancing

Windsailing is a method of pruning in which the objective is to reduce wind resistance in a tree’s canopy. By selectively reducing the number of branches within the canopy, wind will be able to sail safely through the tree and causing the tree to be less likely to uproot by strong winds that occasionally come to the northwest.


Deadwood can result from a variety of reasons, such as; pests and diseases, the health of the trees root system, moisture content in the soil, air and soil pollution, lack of sun exposure and wind damage. Dead wood in a tree can be hazardous, thus posing a danger to people and property below. So whether your seeking to revamp your trees exterior, safeguarding your valuables, or both Dominant Tree Service can competently and precisely remove the dead wood out of your trees.

View Clearing

We can prune your obscuring limbs and/or remove your tree(s) in order to amplify optimal view, which is also a relatively inexpensive way to maximize your property value. In addition to enhancing your view, we would recommend the best ways of retaining it in order for your tree(s) to continue growing healthy and robust even after we’re gone! Using the right pruning techniques can make all the difference in whether the future growth of your tree maintains it’s right course giving you a longer lasting scene.

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